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maps: g20 & g200

notes shared by bloomberg new economy summit nov 2019
maps: g20 & g200
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Dr Yunus : China, SDG Economics zones: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Asean, Japan, Korea
one belt forum - girls best stories
youth valuing.......... education
will G20 respect #metoo: greatest girls empowerment solutions sustainability investors ever make
SUN GDPIT China Japan Global Youth Friendship
. Sir Fazle Abed
kai fu-lee - &w20 & other 20s of Japan G20
Beijing Open Space 5 - april 2017- women hold up half the sky
old - student unions of blockchain by supercity and win-win belt roads
Is AIIB Best Bank Developing Youth?
Help Baltimore become fist free university city for world record job creation students
economists without borders and brexit
Log : One Belt One Road (1B1R)
xi-trump greatest intergenerational meeting
Missing Trillion Dollars Jobs markets - episode 1 english and chinese as second languages
2 Global Value Chain- SME capacity
3 Bank SME
4 Digital age gov inclusion SME
5 SME= Youth Sustainability
mapping hi-trust youth neural networks
trades with china by type : Belt, EWTP, other
jinping trump world's most valuable meeting
What happened to Yunus top 10 concepts of ending Ultra Poverty
Can 10 greatest human innovations create jobs?
Yunus- how usaid and academics compound ultra poverty
Sustainability youth MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - and everywhere
playing pieces - World Record Jobs Book &
invitation to colleges to play world record jobs game
entrepreneurial revolution of norman macrae and paul farmer
zeroisation of yazmi and social business movements connection with youth sustainabilty
week 1 of curriculum of week 2
Can we prevent unbridled arrogance of silicon valley from ending sustainability of all of US?
youth 10000 blogs
Downloads of Sustainability World : 1 sequel to 1984 book on netgen ; part 2 journal of social biz
1 Minute Stories of Our LIves & Times
Business models which can save the world
Norman Macrae Archive
World's Greatest Maths Mistake
Youth Ambassador & Yunus Nets - the Hunt for 5000 21st C mindsets
Devaluing Goldman Sachs to 0
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From G8 to G2030!
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Games of Bottom Up 3 Billion Jobs Players our story- over 100 milion humans gave their lives in 2 world wars- 2 huge innovations:
scary one of nuclear arms, positive one of media-technologies of communicating and computing:
in the 1950s world record job creators like 
von neumann invented modern day computing and deming took civil and electronic engineering to new levels of quality;
by 1960 JF Kennedy declared the goal that man and machine intelligence land on the moon and by mid 1960s G Moore promised electronic engineers would multiply by 100 fold silicon chip power every decade to 2030 -5G(2020
s) 4 3 2 1 0G(1970s)
what miracles have happened since man landed on the moon and will humans and artificial intelligence continue to make this the most exciting time to be alive -there is no doubt that the greatest social and economic miracles of people development have happened
in the far east japan and islands and china
and the people who have made the most with the least tech are bangaldeshi women-
shall we learn from how these people applied the technology even as gordon moores hubs spread up silicon valley and across us west coast as far as seattle in north and san diego in the south
if we learn digital cooperation even the most life critical of sustainability goals can be orbiting the right way round mother earth by 2030
but if we let men like donald trump pied piper us - we will lose all the greatest innovations communities have mobilised and in all likelihood the artificials will become our masters and /or mother earth will collapse under too much carbon and too little photosynthesis-welcome to the most exciting times to be alive 

Is it possible to map a world in which the next gorl born (anywhere) has a good chnace at life?

We need to map how we got to a world of bordering off 200 nations- i feel very ignorant (please tell me what to edit)

one way that nations are classified as of 2019 is the g20 and another 176 nations ie nearly 200 -note also smart city cluster ntworks

with UN (U4SSC announcing  a triad of tech reports   

  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing in Cities
  • The Impact of Data Processing and Computation in Cities
  • The Impact of Sensing Technologies and IoT in Cities
 toplines 1  jinping speech  *
  1. osaka thursday pres xi meets abe (properly handle sensitive issues) and moon jae-in - also informal meeting with brcs early friday before g20 summit- on saturday xi meets trump

  2. investopedia top 20 gdp profiles

IN A NUTSHELL tyhe 0G 70s aksed which places belive most that the moon race shoews technolgy can chage everything for the better: the islands from japan to singapore followed by the ustmus of s korea and the coastal cities of china; the west cpast usa; grassrrots vilage networks of bangaldesh vilage womem
the 80s 1G decacde of langiuages and webs of personal computer networking-which schooling systems would tranform around this
90s the decade or redesigning every markets value chain that ecommerce could reach and fiorst experuments of univeral text mobile
00s ecommerce 2,1 as it became clear that the smart phine would be the universal device of 8 billion human beings
4g decade 2010s shared economu models and replacing the broken economics of [a[er money by digital cash 
%G ... 
 G20 from left to right - start with oil contry saudi arabia; then the old g8; then pop2 world big human nations - china and india each with fifth of human species; 8 more nations make up diversity of g20 ; & EU

 G8 nations (notably all ruled out of latitudes 40-60 north) about 12% of peoples who became the dominant nations during the colonial era 1500-1945 : 6 nations of old world Eurasia plus 2 new world nations USA, Canada whose interventions saved the old world from continent-wide wars. Among may paradpoxes mot of the G* nations:


  • dont have enough youth to sustain the pensions and helath services their elders voted for when population dynamics were different
  • due to the peculiar frriad if the subprine year 2008, several g8 nations made the 2010s wirse by saying the couldnt affitrd to fully design great work for all milennials
  • intriguingly japan had so few youth that it has led the recognition that it needs to celebrate youth imigrants at least on serices like health - soceity 5.0 (in combination with the IR4 ideology popularised by workld recoird job creator klaus schwab may becfome one of the great contributions from Japan 2019 G20- it may generate knowledge exchnages across cities and other regional grouping closes to commu ity ;livelihoods than national leaders bowling alone can implement; japan also offeres the benchmar funding partbership for humanising AI - a reason why japan may become one of the world epicengtres of freindship exchnages pof the sustainability generation- cf purposes of world record jobs cfreatir guterres - for ideas on how to help each other nations see annual surveys started in 1962 with consider Japan by one of the 20th centuryu's elading end poverty economist norman macrae 1923-2010 (UK CBE, Japan Order of Riosing Sun - transparency note he's my father and happiest at celebrating inter-hemisphere joyful mapping)


 Saudi Arabia hosts g20 in 2020- the big national economy in West Asia (often called middle east)- a land of deserts, oil wells , pivotal in a region with extroardinry hostory of arabian cultures and Muslim faith, main goal today- rest of world uses oil  G8.1 USA From around 1850 the 4% of people who became much the largest economy by leading engine technoigies across a continent; became an independent nation from UK in 1776 with a cilvil war lasting to after which states "united" but slavery was not "officially" ended to 13th amendment in 1865 (segregation in practoce lasting aother 100 years); however it was usa who saved the old world from its continental wars, took on role of superpower peacemaker of the nuclear age; 3rd largest nation in land; since 2015 one of worlds 3 largest oil producers- one of 3 nations making up most of the arctic circle- main language english; second language spanish; west coast usa became one of 2 dominant innovators of moores law economics connecting up to trillion times more tech than usa had when winning race to land on the moon  G8.2 Canada 2nd largest nation in terms of land; languages English and French; became self-governing entity from UK 1867; morally a significant leader of the commonwealth 53 nations that choose to recognise historical connections with UKG8.3 Russia the world largest nation in land and top 3 owner or crabpn and non carbon energies- major connectior of the arctic circle and northern roof to Eurasia- while winning ally of world war 2, under stalin became the major culclear opponent to the usa and ruler of East Germany until fall of berlin wall from 1989 which also saw the emergnece of many nations separating from Moscow's control of USSR; today Russia's population is less than 2% of planet but while the wprld ay have gone post colonioal ftom 1945 , Russia's superpower segmentaion from USA made it one of the 2 geopliti9cal mapmakers a dynamic still impacting 21st c relations


G8.4  UK the western island nation that at one time had colnised most Asians directly along the south asia coastal belt up through key strategic ports eg singpaore hong kong; in 1860 the UK's proposition to china that opium be accepted as a gtrading currency caused china to close its fifth of the human race from world trade; the uk less than 1% of population rapidly disapperaed as world's number 1 economy from 1850 but the the english language remained the main knowledge language

until 1972 -the moon race chnaged peopels imaginatiuons all over the world and America's kissinger became a key person in inviting the culturally revolutionised China to retirn to world trade 

You can argue that a Brexied Britain is a sign of how much the trading world has turned on empires, in britains case it is arguably a pity that this has marginalised the potential of reconciling cultural divides  british history knows most about- plotical partues in britain are a dead end , can royal families make a come back in ar era when their long run visions could bring heart back to europe

G8.5 Japan 2019 host of G20 and leader of society 5.0 benchmarking across supoercities; historically this far eat island nation became the 19th c main eastrn coloniser of Eurasia until the end of world war 2; mircaulously Jpan went from main loser of world war 2 (with germany) to connecdtior of electron engineering technologies makming the islands of the far east eg taiwn hongkog singpore number 2 only to west coast usa in post industrial vision which permeated through south korea and the chiense mainlandG8.6 France (and its latin faith) was the UK's main competitor and last invader 1066. It becamse the sceong largest colonised particularly in Africa where it also rivalled britain during the peak of slave trade. Occupied by hitler's Germany in world war 2, the EU was set up primaruily so Germany and France never went to war gian - see messina 1955 where Italy acted as the main G8 mediator

 G8.7 Like Japan Germany hjad become one of the great engineering nations but without eurasian colonies its role as an instogtor opf world wars was partly caused by needing more iron and coal to keep getting bigger

we have rgued since 1972 that the zero sum gov rule design of paper currencies will threaten human sustainability in an era (serach IR4 and soc 5.0) when tech em;powered youth needed to be valued as every places greatest win-win asset. No currency is agreater albatross than the Euro through which every EU nation is required to sponsor german exports getting bigger and bigger. 

G8.8 Italy with GReece one of the 2 Before Christ Empires becae the epicengtre of catholic faith and by 1000 the most harmonious mediterraean influence at what becmae the westrn gateway to the belt riad trading routes across eurasia. Although a latiti9de 40 north nation, it remains the only major EU-G8 nation to be 100% concerned with med boirders between europe., asia and africa. While the catholic faith has several segments franscicns appeal as the male networks aimed to sp[red knowledge of natore and thekir female netwiorks aimed to share health service knowhow. Some people regard Rome/Vatican as having expereince of more cultures than any single city  China is the world's largest poulation with t\oday's bodrers although the Indian subcontinent may have been larger befiore the UK partitioned it. In any event over 60% of the hyuman race is Asian and bothy china and india represnt a fifth of that. Bfeiore the colionial age, economies were correlated with population size- so while all nations peoples have a right to demand that commubicatiosn technolgies are incluskive both china and india can make the case for being top 10 influencers of whetrher the human race is sustainable- until the G20 (19 nations and EU) began summit series in 2008, neither China or India had a voice with all leading nations  India gandhi's networks from 1906 helped ensure that India was one of the first ;post world war inde;pencies from Britain, though the partitioning of India and the 2 pakistans has not been the map Gabdhi expected.The south asian coastline is complex in its borders and its two extensions down from latitude 20 to the equator as well as Guld and suez; compare this with the east asia cost of china and the island from jpn to Singporea and theoir technolgical rises. Like China India was underceogbised compared with the G8 to 2008; in 2009 the BRUCS also emerged as an annual forum - cross hemispheres Brazil Russia India China South Africa reprent nations that clould share importnt ideas on the transition from developing to developed. Of course, the workld needs 360 degree diversity - since world gtrade is 90% shiped- this is a good timke to ask which nations/regions need to share superport capabilities (singapore has done a remarkable job in linking in asean nations) and infrastructure nmappoing needs to be transoarent- tehse days land,locked nations need to value rail as having both ecolgical and technolgical possibilities that roads for cars probaly cannot scale equitabkly when valuing the scale of earth's major contients Spanish speaking Mexico: few peoples have needed more fortitide to survive the history of the world being designed around northern needs than mexico- stuck as it is as a corridor between 3 splintered nations to its south and the demands or mr trumps america. Mexico's PM concerned with domestic situation doesnt see value oif attending g20 this year  Argentina is Latin America's other G20 spanish speaking cou8ntry and 2018 host of G20. Few nations are as yet more geographically isolated in spite of being one of the worlds large producers of meat. Ftaherland of pope francis whom japan has invited to meditae faith dialogues fall 2019Brazil is  the lead economy of south america but it failed to increase transparency even during its world stages of olympics and world cupo. The biggest portuguese hub in the world- whats next? One G20 related report is Brazil's PM wants to start  japane partnership valuing amazon rainforestKorea S thanks to eg samsung is a big deal as mloores law deliver trillion times more tech in AI 2020s. Always hoping for a n korea breakthough - moon jae in relentless in keeping optimism open Indonesia asean's hidden giant - prime minister demands domestic focus rightly for suh a diverse nation. Probaly apec summi9t in november key to watch 

 S Aftica is Africa's only G20 country- quite an imbalance.

Can s afric start a new 2020s pathway worthy of mandela and its peoples 

Turkey is an extraordinary country wityh istabul bridging europe aand asia. It has difficult refugee chalenges due to the situtain in Syria.   Australia second largest of southern gdps (brazil largest)- affectionaly known ass down under as mapped out of UK  EU 
 cirties in middle easy sharing extroaradinary ideas on tech for citizens include dubai- abu dhabi see expo 2020 qatar see biannual wise next nov 2019      Barcelona Spain to host UNhabitat(goal 11) next smart cities congress nov 2019  

 taiwan  singapore, malaysia and mainaland china cities awarded at IDC 

Civic Participation Initiative for Taoyuan Citizen Card Application Expansion by Taoyuan City Government (Taiwan) named Top Smart City Project for Digital Equity and Accessibility.

4. Singapore Tourism Analytics Network by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) (Singapore) named Top Smart City Project for Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces.

 Top Smart City Project for Education category Taipei City Government’s Cross Learning Barriers: Omni Smart Education (Taiwan).

&. Crossing Learning Barriers: Omni Smart Education by Taipei City Government (Taiwan) named Top Smart City Project for Education 

7. Intelligent Disease Prediction Project by Provincial/ Municipal Healthcare Administration Departments (China) named Top Smart City Project for Public Health and Social Services.

8. Integrated Emergency Data Platform – Integrated Emergency Data Platform – An AIoT Application in All-Hazards Early Warning and Decision Supporting System by New Taipei City Government (Taiwan) named Top Smart City Project for Public Safety – Disaster Response/Emergency Management.

9. Wujiang Broadband Trunking Government Network by Suzhou Wujiang Public Security Bureau (China) named Top Smart City Project for Public Safety – Smart Policing category tied with Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore’s National Digital Identity Facial Biometric System (Singapore).

10. National Digital Identity Facial Biometric System by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (Singapore)named Top Smart City Project for Public Safety – Smart Policing category tied with Suzhou Wujiang Public Security Bureau’s Wujiang Broadband Trunking Government Network (China).

11. Forest City Smart B.I.A by Country Garden Pacificview (Johor, Malaysia) named Top Smart City Project for Smart Buildings.

14. Shenzhen Appointment-based Traveling Project by Traffic Police Department of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau (China)named Top Smart City Project for Transportation – Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing/ Ride-Sharing category.

16. Transportation 2.0 - AI Driven Transportation Management by Department of IT, Taipei City Government (Taiwan) named Top Smart City Project for Transportation – Transport Infrastructure.


     x12. Smart Water Project - Busan Eco Delta Smart City by Smart City Promotion Division, Busan City Government (Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea) named Top Smart City Project for Smart Water.      

 worth noting handover traditionally made from host to host - perhaps best hope is saudi will contribute to a globally governed ai fund - see egmayo son negotiations sees dubai as exemplar in region - designed superport and world knowledge summits- invested in knowledge fitting national development; nb note how dubai hosted the month long itu 4 year plan end 2018 (itu is the UN's outreach to 5g and telecoms); 2020's expo in uae expected to be best ever; looking at region seems odd egypt not in g20 ( acountry of huge consequence with suez canal) 

 abe to be cogtratulted for hosting trump state visit and prepping him on japan goals of g20- on firsy day abe and trump and modi met; trump also met putin; so far the agnedas abe wants 20 leaders to give positice appreciation t6po have developed quite well - compare with past g-summits where trump hasnt felt involved trudeaus transition fr5om number 1 global advocate on hangzhou g20 in 2016 to china outcase sad to see especfially as tirnoto has historocally done most to sherpa citizen groups of g20- this is one of the big problems- the youth think women green groups which were so happily integrated into chonas g20 2016 have been progressively left out of germany and argentina g20- we need learning curriculum from summits not just por statements- lets hope japan finds time to mooc what citiznens contributed to this most6 exciting year as world scales up ai and 5g

 us congress is maddening in failing to undesraynd the wondow of opportunity- now that usa is a njet iil producer - the futoire of energy depends on us developing a joint visionj with eoither russia or saudi- there are so many things that6 could be negotiated between putin usa and asia now- 

also 2 nuclear pacts due for urgent renegotiation

from china's viewpoint brics has 2 segnents-how can china india russia trust each other more and map with SCO- how does africa and brazil wnat to move forward south relationships 

 britain's p[arliamnent needs to be closed and some other national brand leadershop constitited with royal families advice- ther5e were so many sustainable tech issues that needed english language moderation instead of being marooned in brexit-the bbc needs to be redesigned to be the peoples world service -start on green where we have the leading briadcasers of natire     

 India's manmohan singh proposed brics needed a new development bak (shanghai volunteered to hq it); second asian dev bank launched 2016 out6 of beijing with first annual international summit jeju s korea 2017

In 2018 Modi joined the SCO the leading eurasian summit  -more at

 Refugee crisis hotspot: The Northern Triangle of Central America refers to the three Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador- whats the futire of peoples in thsie nations and is their absence in participation in the panama canal paraleled by the crisis of nations near the suez canal?     China is largest inward investir to africa- at g20 xi meets brics leaders and implores africa to improve its global governance- in [arallel Changsha june 27 to 29 hosts 10000 visitor event wher5e afrriucans expo what they would like to trade with china
  1. some african countriues to watcH:
  2. nigeria the largest in gdp ; egypt the slumbering giant? kenya innovator of many mobiule breakthroughs; rwabda first partner in health hub in africa, forst jack ma ewtp hub; miracu8lous p[rogress from genociide nation to one with most women in parliament
  3. China is africa's largest export partner - 10000 people visiting Changsha africa in china expo more at and big africa summits japan and china later in year




99% of Americans are not being told the truth by their ultra rich compatriots and the vested interest media and expensive political lobbies. Most people in the wirld cannot ecologically or economically afford consuming products that are flown in planes.

Over 90% of interconinental will always be shipped in containers by boat of train Its amazing to see how Eurasia rail maps have changed in under 5 years and how the american continent's have not changed in 50 years. Remember there are 4 main types of exchanges:


  • people where flying often makes sense, extreme luxury products eg persihable foods which serve the richest-diito planes
  • products for everyone else including energy and component parts of supply chains which will always be containerised and shipped or railRoaded
  •  life shaping knowhow which can now web for free if we work out how to use all the new technologies now that the AI computer brain in each silicon chip has the  analytical power of the human brain




nb when you redo a continents rail connections make sure you think of other staright line pipes -

electronic cables, potentially energy, waste and water pipes, and celebrate every new bodrer where

culturtes come together around positive trades 

BELT Mapping - we suggest situational awareness by Beltis urgently needed if mobile's death of cost of distance in connecting knowhow is to sustain milennials and all future generations impacted by a trillion times moore technolgy than when man raced to the moon
  • 1 Belt corresponding to East of contuental Asia eg japan korea taiwan, mainland china hong kong, singpaore- this is working efficiently to serve the quarter of world's people in its proximitywith 15 of 20 of worlds largesgt superports most of the trade from belt 1 goes west from singapore into the seas with belt 2 to the nirth; there is also sea route 1a to rest of asean which goes east or south -phii-ipinnes, indoensia and islands, far south to australia, far south east to ,latin america's west coast- of clourse there is also the north east route to western coatal belth USA 
  • 2 south asia belt - this is barely developed - there are 2 sorts of reasons; the geography is complex instead of one smooth coalstline; where nations above the south asia coatsal belt nations would love to develop corridors tpo shared suipe[ports the politica conflicts between nations mainly separated by up to 400 years of Bfritish Colonial era are complex; moreover the whole belt is blocked by the gulf and has to ' pay the expensive toll up the suez to trade with europe - the economy of big container boats and big superpotrts has to go together 
  • 3 north asia belt (rusia's connectiins with nordicaa, baltic and effectively UK an iceland)- hostorically this belt has been bl.ocked by kice- one question is will ice breaking technolgy free this up economically- if so will russian people be ahppily included in the whole worlds trade again; its really important to sort out belt 3 because it is morroered by belt of canada and laska- the whole forming the arctic circle- an area with extraordinary natoirual resources but extremely difficult conditions for many people to inhabit 
  • 4 basically central eurasia and east europe dont have an extenal seaway so they depoend on neighbors sorting out positive relatuonships 
  • 5 is the caostal belt of west europe 
  • 6 is the coastal belt of north amerirca 
  • 7 is the gulf and suez 
  • 8 is the med sea 
  • 9 is africca's coatal belt 
  • 10 is latin america's belt 
  • 11 is the arctic circle/belt

  1. Published Online: 14 Nov 2018

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