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Hot Sections: 165 year time-thread of where networkers of  entrpreneurial revolution and The Economist emerged

This page's 2 left hand columns indexing entries for the Good Global Guide inspired by ideas that Dr Yunus (Nobel Laureate 2006) and Grameen/Microcredit world leader of sustainability investment) is debating with 1000 citizen forums and which link to the entrepreneurial truth survey of 100 people to trust most in networking sustainability world 2007-2012. Good Global is synonomous with win-win-win global that empowers sustainable productivity of people, communities and globe - that is micro-inter-macro economc development not compounding24 years of risk since 1984 due to spreadsheeting global top-down of Orwellian nightmares and expoentials sustainability destruction of teh 1% 20% kind already modelled by Sir Nick Stern as happening in nergy and which many good global guiders believe to be compounding badwill flows and so destruction of helath andwealth through networks of professions, media, education, clean water and food, poverty, health and peace as well.


this page presents main index of GGG

facebook is used as main collection space for suggestions of networks and projects that need to be in the GGG


PeoplePower & Passports select:

News and upcoming events such as collaboration cafes from these guides will be published in right hand column of this page


*** W Yunus Collaboration Webs

*** skoll and branson and participant co-productions

*** Satyagraha 100- Top 10 gandhian Truth Networks 100 years on


Conference at The New York Public Library November 7, 2007

In his classic essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell described political speech as consisting “largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness.” Six decades later, the tactics of disinformation and manipulation diagnosed by Orwell persist on the political battlefield, along with new propaganda techniques made possible by advances in scientific knowledge and modern technology.

There You Go Again: Orwell Comes to America invites historians, linguists, cognitive experts, journalists, government officials, and political consultants to assess the current state of public discourse — and journalism’s response to it — one year before a hotly contested presidential election. The panels explore the past, present, and future of deceptive political speech, and assess what can be done to bring more realism and honesty into the conduct of America’s public affairs.

What Orwell Didn’t Know; Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics, an anthology featuring twenty prominent writers and thinkers, will be released at the time of conference.

$100,000 annual competition launch of the Bucminster Fuller Challenge http://challenge.bfi.org/main.php

"If success or failure of the planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do ... How would I be? What would I do?"
— Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller's prolific life of exploration, discovery, invention and teaching was driven by his intention "to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone".

In Buckminster Fullers world, geophysic domes become the most valuable of architectures. In photosynthesis worlds, we put algae bubbles on buildings roofs so that every country becomes self-sufficient with all the green gasoline its cars and energy requires; and similar designs in agricultire maximise clean sun, water and food chains so that there is organic (non-petrochemical) food in local abundance. We hope that Nobel Peace Prize winners from 2007 on are aware of these simple ways out of climate crisis.


 In Schumacher's view of the www beyond nations, all the world's value multilying communities and virtula trading connections are transparently hubbed - but how does the hub species vary from village (eg Grameen microcredit villages or Gandhi ashrams ) to  Big City Hubs to Meta-Hubs? This will take a long time mapping but here's a conversation opener for 007 focusing on the most conflicted opening spaces of all - big cities 

 City Hubs will presumably need to be chartered as open empowerment centres embedded in a city providing commons innovation project spaces for under-resourced community. You may have an after-shool hub for youth who could otherwise feel excluded; or in Brazil you have hubs for favela (slum) peoples to meet and organise projects they need

 The transparency role of the hub is absolutely critical to http://peoplepower.jp – the seeding of  entrepreneurs within communities who over time become the community’s sustainability passport to productive work and prosperity gained without externalising on anyone poorer sans frontieres


Given this noble design objective and our vested interest as the publishing house of the inaugural worldwide guide to hubs you might expect us to feature hubs in the star ratings. Especially as supporters of Gandhians, we are well aware that 100 years of Satyagraha evolved out of weaving rural and city hubs into the peoples revolutionary and vocational education systems. The truth is the 21st C hub is far too new and diverse an experiment to be able to assign any across the board quality classification. Some city hubs are just the fashionable image of what the truth hub needs to be.


The questions need tostart to start profiling the City Hub species include:


Is this hub free for all its target classes in the community to use?


If its not free who are the different pay for constituencies; what potentially conflicting services are they paying for the hub’s brand to certify quality consistency as well as no vicious spiralling of conflicts or bursts in critical information flow. For example, an inner city hub may decide that instead of being a free space for one of the city’s poorest communities it will act as a social entrepreneur incubator. If that collaboration is what it is charging for it needs to make it clear to those who microfinance social entrepreneurs which are already quality members that part of the hub’s reputation and collaboration energies are being co-branded with and which are apprentices far away from anything worth an outsider investing in (as if the hub was recommending and putting its communal goodwill behind the apprentice)


One of London’s grandest hubs that deserves a 1* rating is the Quakers friends house. Here it is quite clear what you get. Quaker activities have their own brand . communities of practice. Rooms are let out to peace , sustainability and other goodwill networks on daily but also often serial (eg 6 times a year) club meeting bases. There is no endorsement by the quakers as a hub of any of these networks that are using the Quakers as their communal meeting space. Though of course the Quakers are extremely proud of some of the individual meets that their premise has hosted. Gandhi’s greatest ever reconciliation meeting with londoners and Europeans was helps as a thousand plus person forum in 1931.  It is hoped that the Quakers Hub will host the First 1000 Yunus Forum early January 2008 -info@worldcitizen.tv subject Yunus Forum if you want latest news on our progress.





old page 2 - 2006 and before

Old Page (2006 and earlier) 

Can we make a list of action learning games that world citizens may need to plug and play with the British Broadcasting Corporation’s world service charter?

1 We have the BBC's Action Networks. Over the years the BBC has connected virtual action networks with real cafes. I gained experience of hosting one they co-sponsored with the RSA and Starbucks on Peoples for Pensions - if you believe that educating communities so that that there are banks that invest in each locality and long term cultural need, then I'd love to hear from you at info@worldcitizen.tv subject PFP.

1A Independently, Londoners originated collaboration café format – examples here

 2 If you believe that the world's largest broadcaster owned by the public should be raising debates on the people sustainability crises fearlessly (even if the biggest vested interests in corporations and national governments as yet have no better answers that ordinary people) then consider signing our pledge. A network of 2000 people is needed to free the chains that the governors of the BBC. Our future historian records show these shackles  to true free speech were first commanded by Harold Wilson, and subsequently politicians of both parties have compounded this loss of open curiosity on sustainability of all peoples in the change world we are travelling through. To date the lowest point world service censorship has reached was when the BBC was inquiring whether weapons of mass destruction existed the worst gag censorship order in British tv history was issued by PM Blair. No wonder Her Majesty was later seen to take the unusual step to use her Christmas message to the commonwealth to ask is humanity turning on itself?

3 If you are interested in scaling up to world congresses where every end of sustainability meets - from the top with all the budgets to the peoples in most critical need- then you can help SustainabilityClub.com rank what meeting formats like the West's  ClintonGlobalInitiative o r the East's MicroCreditSummit work and how they have uniquely sustainable differences. How many innovative world congresses can we populate the annual calendar with and how can we ensure that every hemisphere and every culture feels included in the peoples world congresses



ER'S Questions on branches of Systemic Entrepreneurial Family Tree

1 Branch -Social Entrepreneurs:

Dear SG

Regarding Peace Entrepreneur Project Entry at Changemakers Competiitons (entries peace buildings health)

Can you tell me if I put a project up does your virtual interface enable me to keep on editing it during the open phase of the competition?

 I ask because I have never tried to submit a project, and the only one that interests me on peace involves a (open source) network of network approach which is in its 23rd year of cross-cultural gestation - and where as an connector-editor I could have to put something up and then ask the principals involved to re-edit theoir sub-mosaics

 As a mathematician/mapmaker, I take the view that in a networking world, boundaries are the greatest points of compound risk, a second sort of lost transparency just as destructive to future sustainability as tangible corruption; therefore network of network empoerment of peacemaking contributions of practices is relevant to all who search truth flows from all 360 degrees up. I am aware that this meta-view has some innovation barriers with the core belief system of social entrepreneurs- for example youth in big cities (not village and not nation powers) are where peace's gatesways will first be developed or squandered -as evidenced too by how inclusively interventions are designed at clintonglobalinitiatives, microdreditsummits, Nobel appraisals etc

 Recursive interface formats are needed in sustainability's virtual spaces. Even Gandhi originally trained in social networeking out of a capital city and internalised this in his own world citizen vision ; not to empower the city as the practice triangularisation intermediary of micro and macro is a sustainability and entrepreneurial mistake of unfathomable proportions

2 Climate Crisis Entrpreneurs

worldcitizen.tv, 5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404, Rockville, MD 20852 tel 301 881 1655

email info@worldcitizen.tv    www.worldcitizen.tv www.herstory.tv www.grameen.tv       


                                                                  26 October 2006


Dear VK


I hope this gets to your desk. My father, Norman Macrae, sends his regards. You may remember he covered the start up of Sun as a coming entrepreneurial success in The Economist when he was doing Silicon Valley storytelling early 1980s.


He also completed his 40 years at The Economist with an Entrepreneurial Revolution 76-82-84 trilogy, still unequalled as a practical guide to the future’s entrepreneurial waves. The third part published in 5 languages in 1984 was the original “Death of Distance” future history, a genre now also known as world is flat. Our 1984 maps included the 7 most likely waves to sustain or end us all, as 1984-2024 emerged to be the first worldwide networking generation. Clean energy was supposed to have been the simplest wave to unite us!


I am enclosing pre-release copy of the 23 annual brief of DoD networkers on where humanity’s exponentials of world change and sustainability have reached. Enjoy!


I want to mention that there is a vital London junction on climate crisis map that needs interconnecting with CA. , NY, Nashville... Brief ABC map below; bit longer on backside of this letter.


ABC of Climate Entrepreneurs Revolution


A) Photosynthesis is the end game to clean energy, stable climate, abundant water, non polluted agricultures; but ethanol farming is a vital in between because of national insecurities


Glocalisation’s double whammy blocks markets of photosynthesis sustainability wherever:


B) National governments have been surrounded by big lobbies that all sponsor dumbing down of the people by censoring the media or spending billions on ads that addict through images rather than engage fearless participation in community rising innovation


C) Global corporations sponsor laws and economics of scarcity and the big get bigger blocking micro-up entrepreneurial economics and free markets. Notably, the old system destroys open source flows- how interactive media can wave cross-cultural joy of productivity and educational needs whose economic dynamic multiplies value in use, instead of getting consumed up


Do contact me if we might be benefit in connecting our entrepreneur and future who’s who maps in more detail


Thanks and Sincerely




In surveys conducted by Entrepreneurial Revolution journalists, Gandhi ranks as most hi-trust human being. Which other socila networks value GandhI as The Greatest Leader the World has so far Enjoyed?

Before listing some of them, here's a family story. My grandfather on my mother's side was trained at the Bar of London about a decade after Gandhi, as one of the medical and judiciary families networked into the British raj was by 1930 chief judge for the region of India that Gandhi organised his peace marches in, by the 1940s was a primary constitutional adviser to Britain's foreign office mediating what became India's Declaration of Independence. So yes I have a multicultural and mathematcial bias in suggesting we benchmark how to value hi-trust leaders everywhere against Gandhi, but equally love to hear your nominations and make a register of worldwide leaders inspired by the golden rule of relationship reciprocity - which I remember as always do unto others what you would wish others did unto your children.

Time100 nominations: Albert Einstein
He was unfathomably profound — the genius among geniuses who discovered, merely by thinking about it, that the universe was not
as it seemed. More >>

Runner-Up: F.D.R.
Runner-Up: Gandhi

Supporters of Gandhi as Most Trusted and valuable leader

Einstein 1 2

Google.org's choice of most connected social entrepreneur


Gandhi 1931 speech (to chief guest Maria Montessori) continued:

We are conducting an experiment amongst the poorest of the children in India . I do not know how far the experiment will go. We have the problem of giving real vital education to these children of India 's hovels, and we have no material means. We have to fall back upon the voluntary assistance of teachers, but when I look for teachers, they are very few, especially, teachers of the type wanted, in order to draw the best from the children through understanding, through studying their individuality and then putting the child on its own resources, as it were, on its own honor. And believe me from my experience of hundreds, I was going to say thousands, of children I know that they have perhaps a finer sense of honor than you and I have.

The greatest lessons in life if we would but stoop and humble ourselves, we would learn not from grown-up learned men, but from the so-called ignorant children. Jesus never uttered a loftier or a grander truth than when he said that wisdom cometh out of the mouths of babes. I believe it; I have noticed it in my own experience that, if we would approach babes in humility and in innocence, we would learn wisdom from them.

I must not take up your time. I have simply given you what is, at the present moment, agitating me, namely, the delicate problem, considered in human terms, of drawing out the best from these millions of children of whom I have told you. But I have learned this one lesson - that what is impossible with man is child's play with God and, if we have faith in that Divinity which presides over the destiny of the meanest of His creation, I have no doubt that all things are possible and in that final hope I live and pass my time and endeavor to obey His will. Therefore, I repeat that even as you, out of your love for children, are endeavoring to teach those children, through your numerous institutions, the best that can be brought out of them, even so I hope that it will be possible not only for the children of the wealthy and the well-to-do, but for the children of paupers to receive training of this nature. You have very truly remarked that if we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with children and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won't have the struggle, we won't have to pass fruitless idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which, consciously or unconsciously, the whole world is hungering.

Young India , 19-11-1931


Interview With Maria Montessori


[On or before October 9, 1931 ]


Gandhiji greeting her, said, “We are members of the same family”.

“I bring you the greetings of children,” said Madame Montessori.

GANDHIJI: If you have children I have children too. Friends in India ask me to imitate you. I say to them, no, I should not imitate you but should assimilate you and the fundamental truth underlying your method.

MADAME MONTESSORI: As I am asking my own children to assimilate the heart of Gandhiji. I know that feeling for me over there in your part of the world is deeper than here.

GANDHIJI: Yes, you have the largest number of adherents in India outside Europe

What solutions to worldwide crises do your most human networks attend to ?....

Story of The Change World 2007 Citizen Nets followed by examples

Do you belong to a world citizen network (WCN) that needs more global participation and hi-trust recognition? WCNs are self-nominating but judged by worldwide brand chartering criteria. Typically for our future scriptwriters to support a WCBN:

The citizen network at every level of connectivity has agreed an overall change goal. Network will regard itself as failing to be a world service unless

 it has cooperatively started systematic global economic & local entrepreneurial reversal of the crisis worldwide by 2015

The WCBN has at least one prototype project/franchise solution that its citizens act as guidemakers by welcoming all people to. This means that crisis solutions are  designed primarily as an open source entrepreneurial system revolution -one anyone sincerely interested in the change world crisis can help with developing

The WCBN is committed to the idea of supporting hi-trust world change travel guides in every format and around any crisis that human beings vote for needed international cooperation. Such support is propagated by ensuring that the coordinators of any change world solutions proposed by the WCN complete a survey that can be openly published anywhere on what help that project needs to repliacte its solutions appropraietly worldwide and how everyone can participate in that solution. Moreover, the coordinator is delighted to learn with any other solution coordinators on the same change world map, wherever these are openly verified to be part of the overall solution human sustainability needs.

Mail us at info@worldcitizen.tv if your WCBN has a story that needs to be integrated openly into the permanent stories bank of chnage world travel guides. Below are a few emerging stopries we are currently helping co-edit. Questions are also most welcome.

From the change world travel guide on Climate Crisis (in print) -source Londoners to World and solaroof.com 

1 Photosynthsesis architecture networks are the only systematic climate sustainability solution yet known to us -info@worldcitizen.tv  

examples: design a building at the same price as any other building but using 10% of 20th century power costs for heating/colling building; design a building that collects all its energy and water needs; all designs are local climate edited but the good news is that usually photosynthesis architectures are most efficient in extreme climate places where historically the climate has compounded poverty; we can also use deserts to farm algae to make any nation with a desert self-sufficient on all the gas it needs for autos and with a petrol that cleans the atmosphere of carbon as it is consumed.

The reason photosynthesis architectures have not been adopted are similar to what has the UK got to the climate crisis downward exponential where it is necessary to invest 1% of GDP to save 20%. In particular, photosynthesis solutions work from grassroots networks up and do not provide any immediate synergies for those corporations or other Orwellian influences  who want to globaly command the world from the top down. More detailed contextual reasons camn also be explored at 1 2

23 years of searching began with this scenario for debating at global village meetings published in our 1984 handbook on death of distance crises available in 5 languages:

End of chapter 16:
Sunlight is the fuel which sustains life on earth. The process by which plants extract energy from sunlight, using that energy to build up complex compounds from simper ones and thereby storing the energy which animals, including humans, use to grow and move and see and think is the life-process itself. We (human beings) have always exploited that life-process, but in the past we have only been able to do so by using living plants as our agents. We learned to cultivate them, develop them by selective breeding, and since the 1980s to meddle with their genes, but we have not yet learned to substitute something of our own making for the living plant. We have not found or made a more efficient substitute for chlorophyll itself outside the naturally-occurring factory which is the living cell.

Until we design our own systems which can deploy the energy of sunlight as efficiently as humble algae does, we humans have no real biotechnology of our own. We have many kinds of solar cells which can extract energy from the sunlight and store is as electricity or heat, but such devices are very crude indeed beside the technical sophistication and versatility of living plants.

We are making a determined effort to capture and use a greater fraction of the solar energy which falls upon the face of the earth every day. We are trying to make plants flourish in paces where at present they can only eke out the most precarious of existence. The ideal situation, however, would be one in which we did not need to work so hard to adapt existing plants to more hostile conditions. If we had our own artificial systems of photosynthesis we might exploit the desert sun ourselves, without using other organisms as intermediaries. Our ultimate ambition must be to make artificial photosynthetic systems more efficient than those which have evolved alongside side us throughout the history of life on earth. Then and only then will we be able to claim that we are technologically self-sufficient. In 2024, this looks as if it might be one of our children's tasks

 2006 update: Death of Distance scripts referred to by President Bush Gathering Storm advisory team of 20 leaders here.  American scientists rebel for common sense and Bush is asked to announce America’s race to end addiction to petroleum economics in 2006 State of The Union Speech; Bethesda's Thomas Friedman becomes bestselling future historian of all time with “The World is Flat” NB his 2005 Public Sector tv interview by Charlie Rose on why “Green is The Next Red White & Blue”; and Collaboration is the Strategy that all suceessful 21st nation peoples need to learn.  tvcharlierose & ClubofBethesda   


 From The Change World guide on Learning - source London, India to World: Favourite stories from worldwide sources include : In poorest parts of the world: Gandhi & Montessori and Freire
In other parts of the world from youth and other highly curious videos collated at:
ASIAs Calling; AFRICA Calling ;Americas Calling; Europes Calling; World Citizens Calling

 Speech At Montessori Training School: Mohandas K. Gandhi ,October 28, 1931 Note: Dr. Maria Montessori met Mahatma Gandhi in the beginning of October, 1931 in London. And on October 28, 1931 Gandhi spoke at the Montessori College London where Dr. Montessori was also in attendance. The following is the text of Gandhi’s Speech, which was published in the weekly newspaper, Young India, on November 19, 1931. For further information and/or discussions on this topic, please contact Shall Sinha at shall@ssinha.com )  

Madame, you have overwhelmed me with your words. It is perfectly true, I must admit it in all humility, that however indifferently it may be, I endeavor to represent love in every fiber of my being. I am impatient to realize the presence of my Maker, Who to me embodies Truth, and in the early part of my career I discovered that if I was to realize Truth I must obey, even at the cost of my life, the law of love. And having been blessed with children, I discovered that the law of Love could be best understood and learned through little children.

Were it not for us, their ignorant poor parents, our children would be perfectly innocent. I believe implicitly that the child is not born mischievous in the bad sense of the term. If parents would behave themselves whilst the child is growing, before it is born and after, it is a well-known fact that the child would instinctively obey the law of Truth and the law of Love.

And when I understood this lesson in the early part of my life, I began a gradual but distinct change in life. I do not propose to describe to you the several phases through which this stormy life of mine has passed, but I can only, in truth and in perfect humility, bear witness to the fact that to the extent that I have represented Love in my life, in thought, word and deed I have realized the “peace that passeth understanding”. I have baffled many of my friends when they have noticed in me peace that they have envied, and they have asked me for the cause of that priceless possession. I have not been able to explain the cause by saying that, if my friends found that peace in me, it was due to my attempt to obey this, the greatest law of our being.

It was in 1915 when I reached India , that I first became acquainted with your activities. It was in a place called Amreli that I found that there was a little school being conducted after the Montessori system. Your name had preceded that first acquaintance. I found no difficulty in finding out at once that this school was not carrying out the spirit of your teaching; the letter was there, but whilst there was an honest - more or less honest - effort being made, I saw too that there was a great deal of tinsel about it. I came in touch, then, with more such schools, and the more I came in touch, the more I began to understand that the foundation was good and splendid, if the children could be taught through the laws of nature - nature, consistent with human dignity, not nature that governs the beast. I felt instinctively from the way in which the children were being taught that, whilst they were being indifferently taught, the original teaching was conceived in obedience to this fundamental law. Since then, I have had the pleasure of coming across several of your pupils, one of whom had even made a pilgrimage to Italy and had received your personal blessings. I was looking forward to meeting the children here and you all and it was a great pleasure to me to see these children.

I had taken care to learn something about these little children. I had a foretaste of what I saw here, in Birmingham , where there is a school between which and this there is a difference. But I also saw that there also human nature was struggling to express itself. I see the same thing here and it was a matter of inexpressible joy to me that from their childhood the children were brought to understand the virtue of silence, and how, in response to the whisper from their teacher, the children came forward one after another in that pin-drop silence. It gave great joy to see all those beautiful rhythmic movements and, as I was watching those movements of the children, my whole heart went out to the millions of the children of the semi-starved villages of India, and I asked myself as my heart went out to those children, “Is it possible for me to give them those lessons and the training that are being given under your system, to those children”?

 continued in column to right



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tv affiliates: up200.tv - nominate 200 trusted collaboration entrepreneurs; futurestocks.tv -SBE stockmarket is possible?; Passports.jp; Satyagraha


Please note: our editors chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk loves to hear of nominations for other individuals who merit being in the same hall of change fame and potential WCBN support as those above

Other curiosities: : google ad


There are 4 future history endings to the 21st C. As my daughter is 9 year old: I find the first three of these compound futures utterly unacceptable and invite you to mail me at info@worldcitizen.tv if you do too:

Dinosaur: means the whole human species will be as dead as the dodo. Tell us who's "death of birth" story interests you most. I'm a fan of Chairman Ray Anderson, and this video. In it, he explains not only how all corporations -as key systems in  productive and demanding networks of human relationships - can help humanity prevent the "dinosaur ending" but also how those corporations who value human life will compound the most profits too. It's a myth that sustainability business investments don't do well by doing good. But what is required is consistent investment through time as all entreprenurial and economic systems are intended be, not exercises in how much can you reap or rape from the world every last quarter. All the true economists have mapped how healthy societies beget strong economies, NOT  vice versa.

Shark: means that there will be a world of less than a billion people, most enslaved to the greediest and nastiest men. It is not for nothing that the Spectre villains in James Bond films kept pet sharks. Sharks sense how to make a human or financial killing at many miles - they literally are the best at smelling blood as well as having  blood-thirsty greeds. I am by no means claiming that most large organisational boardrooms are populated by sharks. But as a mathematician and investigator of Unseen Wealth research I am weary of hearing over 20 years of protests that we are ignorant of the system law : if  leadership only optimises how much money speculators take out from the last quarter's spreadsheet,  the organisation's  purpose will be full of holes than a pantomime dame's leaking bucket. Worse over time what you exclude from governing a system is what you compound the destruction of. That's why any boardroom who does not want to see its business case transparently audited for sustainability henceforth swims with the sharks or is blinded by butterflies.

Butterflies tell the wrong stories about system or network models of how to map the whole before getting boxed into parts. Butterflies making system patterns sound complex or chaotic beyond human wit. Inconveniently, this gives the manager the perfect excuse to say that sytsem transformation cannot be succesful.  Their end consequence is also likely to end with less than a million beings living, but this time survivors wll all be back in the cave age.  As the world gets more interconnected, what we need to map is exactly how do get interconnected in each other's most vital compound risks or joys. We do need to prevent the next HIV from spreading virally beyond early cases especially if it is transmitted by contagious birds. Grassroots in frastructures needed little more than a primitive mobile telephone network around Tsunami coastlines to prevent deaths of thos who were 5 hours away from the wave even if those nearest the wave's origin could not have ben alerted. We need to reduce online degrees of separation to zero when the information to be passed through us humans is life critical in its flows. Conversely, there are many types of active learning that multiply value in use instead of gettin g consumed up the way in dustrial things always were. The two great untruths told by the butterfly brigade:

1) that there is one primary way of thinking or doing systems- by definition systemic approaches interface and integrate around molecular subsystems; one simple consequence of this organsiationally is a lot more interdisciplinary flows are needed for the  service economy  organsiational system to wholly empower trust and other entrepreneurial energies

2) that my life -or yours - will be impacted on the other side of the world by a butterfly flapping its wing. This ludicrous insult to logic should not however lead anyone to believe that we can lose all the world's rainforests and expect climate equilibrium to be sustained.

Lion-Child - and I would delight in hearing of other identifications, since this is the truly important story of the four and merits every type of cross-cultural rendering you all can imagine - is about the collaboration characters we will need to flourish if 6+ billion humans are to thrive. Quite a simple thing to achieve if we are as truly curious as a child, as courageous as a lioness in protecting her young, and cherish the pride in community wellbeing as much as lions do.


Ideas for 24 Goals for the 24 Days PowWow on will humanity invest in Sustainability in Time

I gather that some goals gave already been decided. Numbers do not denote order:
Activity Goals
G1 Plant 24 intercity hubs around the world using Islington hub and espian plex tools as  strawman infrastructure for local adaptation
G2 Demand that London's Mayor etc open up sufficient spaces in public building for 90 day summer debate of sustainability issues
G3 Develop a map of all hubs and learning houses - ie to include the 24 homegrown ones, and others out there eg Brazil has at least two www.catcomm.org
London has the house www.learninghouse.biz  
G4 Get the 24 hubs to start editing their own crisis learning travel guide that Sofia is producing 2007 version of which incidentally will include a start up map of hubs; other contents in this include Harrison Owen Open Space for children; Gandhi family debriefings from the world's largest school and 1 million oneworld alumni; challenges of starting up CIDA's free university
G5 How can we go beyond the learning guide to a meeting  format trialled by London and for replication in any city Learning500 (see mail of sat feb 3 addendum Sunita Gandhi)
G6 invite 24 days participants to nominate 15 entries of book of the 200 most trusted collaboration entrepreneurs of 2008 , with particular foci on the 7 sustainability crises which become irreversible if they're not turning round by 2012 see pic attached
G7 The top 4 outcome crises in the picture are a direct match with Larry Brilliant’s 4 main goals for progressing the work of google.org - how do we establish b ridges with that - he states these goals at this video minute 14 http://webcast.ucsd.edu:8080/ramgen/UCSD_TV/11645.rm
G8 How do we mobilise all new economists and sustainability investors around the empowerment development economics revolution Sir Nick Stern is leading which from May will be out of the London School of Economics- what London student networks already exist to interact positively with Sir Nick; how can we unite oxbridge and Indian alumni too (since eg Sir Nick's curricula is parallel to that Manmohan Singh has been pioneering since his Cambridge days in the 1950s and blends with the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy of my father). How do we ensure that the debate on how to spend 1% of economies to save 20% does not get greenwashed by all the old vested interests; the worst scenario being that the 1% is wholly wasted while an image of saving the climate lulls us into false security
G9 How could we outline the definitive entrepreneurial, peace network (open systems , biomass) curricula that all new age universities and serve the world alumni need (eg blend this with the Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur school at Cida, the India alumni of city Montessori etc)    
G10 How do we popularise the 4 end states of sustainability - eg Dinosaur (death of birth), Shark (1 million enslaved by a few James Bond Spectre Villains), Butterfly probably 1 million cavemen through  telling system stories the wrong way (I'll never be impacted by a butterfly's wing but could from nuclear wave or terror wave or birdflu or Greenland unhinging) , LionChild (or whatever is your identity) of 6+ billion people collaborating around a higher order system of sustainability which fairly integrates every locality into globalisation. How do we own the vocabulary so that these 4 identities become part of worldwide chat.
G11 How do we identify journalist for humanity who care about at least one of the 7 above crises as reaching irreversibility by 2012 if we don’t fix them now
G12 How do we start developing supporters clubs around collaboration entrepreneurs connecting eg all the best ideas that Yunus is using - thegreenchildren.org - a British pop-spokesgroup for Grameen; the microcreditsummit as one of the top 10 world citizen meeting formats; the extension of microcredit as the perfect concept to clean up the banking market into other concepts designed to partner trillion dollar global markets until they stop externalising destruction of each market's deepest human purpose (see trillion dollar audit game - left an early copy with you, otherwise it will emerge at http://worldcitizen.tv and is backed up by the earlier book Alan was writing with me)